Monday, May 24, 2010

A surprise plant!

A few weeks ago I was surprised to find this little guy taking up space with my tiny stevia plant. (Unfortunately, my little herb did not survive. I think I might invest in a grown version instead of trying from seed. You don't really get very many seeds to begin with either.) If you look hard in this picture you can see the stevia. Anyway, I am assuming this guy is either a cucumber plant or a watermelon plant. I had originally planted 5 of each and only had 2 of each survive to be planted in the big garden. I reused the soil left over from the plants that did not make it because I assumed the seeds were bad, but apparently this just happened to be the right setting for this guy. 
I'm not good at telling what a plant is from the way it's leaves look. So, this will just be a surprise! 

This is what it looks like today!

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  1. Stevia! That is like the hot topic around my employer's workout group. They love the Stevia plant! I want one! I think it would be nice to mash up some leaves to make sweet tea. Yum!